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We are an export-oriented comprehensive construction and decoration company, founded in 2007, headquarters is in Hong Kong. Our products are major in furniture decoration, and include construction material as well, in the same time focus on interior design, having our own design research institute and design company; Our Company attaches construction, have our own operation group. Our aim is to offer customer a whole set of solution on luxury construction. We own independent export and import license right, annual sales amounts are over 25 million USD.

We have branch companies in both America and Iran, construction projects are all over the world, including America, Australia, Mexico, Armenia, Russia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Togo etc. Projects quality is fully accepted by clients, our brand have certain popularity among these areas.

Company culture is homocentric, share, win-win.
Company value is based in innovation, customer achievement, staff accomplishment.
Company aim is to become a real global company and famous brand in the world
Company provide excellent pay and benefits include social security etc, have statutory holiday , provide staff independent  platform to develop , welcome aspiring people to come to our company and make glorious future together.

Tel: +86-758-2226480