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Art glass

Every month we will update the newest items to meet customers request, these will make your projects more exclusive...

Crystatal lighting

Our aim is to give the customers all over the world the luxury house solution. We offer them the interior & exterior design...

Wrought iron door

All the vanity are made by sold wood, handcarved with excellent packing, the vanity top complete...

Natural art marble

In order to offer customer the good quality of products, we make all products step by step during...

How we can make for customer?

Our aim is to give the customers all over the world the luxury house & real estate solution...

What we are doing?

We are now furnishing a 5 star hotel called caldera blue in greece. Caldera Blue has 350 luxury house apts...

What we can do for you?

Our design engineers cater to the creative and budgetary needs of our clients, using state of the art ...

Who we are?

We specializes in interior design for commercial properties, including interior IT infrastructure.Using premier ....

"Sustainable Building", full name as sustainable building for factorilization, the "Sustainable" definition is from earthquake resistance, energy saving, purification, durable, material saving, recyclable for construction material, no aldehydes/lead/radiation asbestos, no dusty/wasted water/rubbish during construction.

"Sustainable Building" has already reached the technological limits that human can imagine in this 8 aspects.

Bisini which concentrates on urban house researching and developing,has concerned about the acommodation demand among the 85' new youth. Hope to integrate domestic and oversea architecher experts, network operators,well-known appliance/furniture/smart communication/PC makers operate, develope a multiple living method especially for urband new youth -- less space + extreme function + extreme convenient network + easy purchase, try and deveople a new possible of living.

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