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Boutique Residence

Bisini real estate focus on the concept of nature and beauty.When it comes to residence research,we always emphasize on the harmony between human and architecture,nature and society...

Business Buildings

Business commercial business is based on international leading design concept and architecture,aims to build resources based and landmark commercial estate in the core of the city...


Bisini pays close attention to market development and trends of demand,at the same time does research in real estate of tourism and sports fields. Aims to build the top resort of the city,gold garden...

Trade Fairs

As new business of Bisini real estate,is one of the important parts of the global operation of company commercial real estate.

Shopping Malls

Shopping mall relys on elegant city landscape or central anxis of commercialisation,built to be the most featured shopping complex of city core commercialisation.

Top Hotel

As one of the important parts of Bisini real estate,mainly for five star hotel and resort projects.

Endowment Estate

As the aging problem of population of China has been increasing everyday,intensifying the infrastructure of the community of older people and completing community service for older people has become...

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