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Franchise BISINI

A. Why franchsie Bisini ?

Bisini, founded in 1998 in Zhaoqing , Guangdong , is the main manufacturer and wholesaler of luxury antique reproduction furniture and home decoration industry in China. We not only offer the luxury furniture and decorative items, but also offer customers the interior design and construction, in order to give our customers the complete luxury life solution.

With hardworking employees, our company continually strive to manufacture new and innovative products that incorporate the latest styles and designs using leading edge manufacturing processes and technology under ISO9001. We provide a huge selection of furniture and home decoration from traditional European styles to the most contemporary designs. Our strategy is to produce the best furniture with top quality and favourable prices.

As the main manufacturer and wholesaler of luxury antique reproduction furniture and home decoration industry in China. Bisini has always been working hard to service our customers better today than yesterday, help each family who are touched by our products to enhance the level of living.

Now we are planning a project to build a over 20,000 square meter of garden warehouse, together with a modern office building and showroom building and workers building to offer customers more and more good service. We hope , our franchisee and we, will have a great future in near time .

B. What Bisini can offer ?

1. Quality : High-quality products root in good design. Bisini antique has a products design department to research and develop of the luxury furniture and home decoration , which keeps on blending the world-class up-to-date design concepts, new materials and new technology into products, and grasps the fashion trend in the field of furniture and home decoration constantly. Bisini provide the widest range of selection in the field of luxury furniture and home decoration market. In addition, Bisini has established its specialized furniture laboratory and material test department so as to ensure that thousands of types of raw materials are excellent in quality and their performances meet relevant national standards and industry standards.

2. Software system : Bisini puts into practice its computerized management of overall production process, including design system, customer order reviewing system, order implementation system, quality control system, warehousing system and supply guaranteeing system, etc., so that a precise production and instant follow-up is realized to ensure each products to be delivered timely with stable quality.

3. Our local showroom approach: Customers can come in and browse the huge selection of luxury furniture and home decoration samples in a relaxed, non-pressured environment. A local showroom creates increased customer confidence because the customer knows that the business will still be there in the long term to deal with any problems or queries that may arise. It also lends credibility to the business and customers like to feel that they are dealing with a local “bricks and mortar” business, not just an on-line website or a “man with a van” who often cannot be pinned down when things go wrong.

4. Our website: Our professional and heavily promoted website ( means that customers cannot only find us easily but are impressed when they do.

5. Price: On the basic "worldwide purchase, a batch production" , our aim "European standard , china price ".

6. Fully service: We have been in the luxury furniture and home decoration about ten years. We have good reputation in luxury market. constantly we will public on the newspaper, magazine, TV and internet in advertising and marketing to reach a famous brand worldwide in a near future. In addition, we offer for free the franchisee the same shop design, same Label and same CI from Bisini. If necessary, we provide separate training on a one-to-one basis.

C. What beneficary to Bisini fanchisee ?

1. Exclisive sale in the franchise region
Bisini give the franchisee the exclusive sale in the agreement franchise region. Franchisee have ability to sale all the products and service in the franchise region
2. Brand
Franchisee can use Bisini’ s brand in the franchise region for sale and service
3. Products and quality
Bisini offer a huge of products selection and 30 days quality gurrantee.
4. Price
Bisini offer franchisee a wholesale price and retails price for all the products and service. When sale valumn from franchisee reach a fixed valumn , Bisini will return some fixed persent of the valumn to franchisee
5. Service
Bisini will offer all the help when franchisee have problem in the sale or service.
6. Advertising
Bisini constantly advertise the brand on the TV, newpaper, internet or magazine. Also Bisini help franchisee to advertise in the franchise region.

D. How to franchise Bisini ?

You are requested to download the Franchise Request Form and kindly fax it to us at (+86 0758 2205371) or email us at after filling in the required details.

>> Download Franchise Application Form in Microsoft Word Format (63.5Kb .doc)

To assist us in our processing, please indicate N.A. for non-relevant information. We will follow up with you shortly. Thank you for your interest.

E. Questions on franchise Bisini :

1. What kind of franchisees are we looking for?
We are looking for independent, self-motivated company or people who want to be their own boss, but who at the same time would like to be guided by the expertise and experience we have developed in this business, rather than just “going it alone”. We need people with ambition, who want to build a business for the future (perhaps as a legacy they can pass on to the next generation), rather than just earning a living for today. Above all you must be outgoing (and enjoy dealing with the public), positive minded and have a desire to become a successful local businessman/woman and to succeed in your new venture.
Also people management and organizations skills will also be important for your new business.

2. The Franchisee’s Role
As a franchisee your initial day-to-day activities will include:

♦ Planning and arranging local advertising for your business in Yellow Pages, TV, local newspapers, etc, using pre-approved template advertisements which we supply.
♦ Dealing with customer enquires by telephone, via the website or in person in the showroom (once you have one).
♦ Visiting prospective customers in their homes to discuss their requirements and measure up to provide them with quotations.
♦ Preparing written quotations and running the showroom on a day-to-day basis.

As your business develops and grows you will employ other members of staff to help you. This is particularly important once you have a showroom as you will need to have someone there whilst you are out seeing customers and you will also want someone to help with the paperwork and the logistics of scheduling orders, fit-outs, etc. By this stage one of your key roles will be managing other employees and project managing the ordering and fitting of customers’ request.

3. The Franchise package
As a Bisini franchisee you will have your own exclusive territory and within that area you will have the sole right to advertise and carry on your business without competition from other Bisini franchisees.
The Franchise Package includes all the sample and display goods (furniture and home decoration) you will need, including those required to fit out the showroom when you take one as well as smaller sample sizes for taking to the customer’s home.
Although you can usually start trading from home, we are committed to building a network of local showrooms and you will therefore need to move into a showroom within 12 months. Not an expensive one, but in a secondary position where customers can visit, there is easy parking and where you can display your products and store goods . Your showroom will bring you increased credibility and therefore an increase in business – not just from customers who respond to your advertising but also those who simply walk in off the street.

4. Financial Information
Our Franchisee Fee is competitively priced. We are not trying to make a profit from selling you a franchise, but looking to build a long term, profitable partnership for us both.
In addition, you will need some additional funding to allow you to refurbish your showroom (if required) and purchase basic products. You will also need some working capital or an overdraft to get you started. Differrance region and countries have differrance franchisee fee, for more financial details, pls send seperately franchise request to our fax: +86-0758-2205371 or e-mail: