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We are an export-oriented comprehensive construction and decoration company, founded in 2007, headquarters is in Hong Kong. Our products are major in furniture decoration, and include construction material as well, in the same time focus on interior design, having our own design research institute and design company; Our Company attaches construction, have our own operation group. Our aim is to offer customer a whole set of solution on luxury construction. We own independent export and import license right, annual sales amounts are over 25 million USD.

We have branch companies in both America and Iran, construction projects are all over the world, including America, Australia, Mexico, Armenia, Russia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Togo etc. Projects quality is fully accepted by clients, our brand have certain popularity among these areas.

1. Company Growth History

  • Year 1998, the first furniture factory was founded; major in antique furniture that exported to Europe and American market.
  • Year 2001, the second furniture factory was founded, majored in antique furniture that exported to Europe and American market.
  • Year 2007, Hong Kong Company was founded, major in South East market.
  • Year 2009, the Design University was founded, major in design research.
  • Year 2010, the BISINI brand and Engineer Company was founded, which provided supporting service in the whole process.
  • Year 2010, Foshan branch was founded, majored in interior design research.
  • Year 2011, Dongguan branch was founded, majored in engineer design research.
  • Year 2011, Iran branch was founded, majored in Gulf market.
  • Year 2012, America branch was founded, majored in North American market.
  • Year 2013, Tanzania branch will be founded, major in African market.
  • Year 2013, France branch will be founded, major in European market.

2. Company achievement

  • Year 1998, cooperated with American main company AIA to export antique furniture.
  • Year 1999, cooperated with American main super market HOBBY LOBBY STORES to export handicraft.
  • Year 2000, cooperated with American main super market HOMEDECORTOR to export furniture.
  • Year 2001, cooperated with American largest TV direct distributor QVC to export household items.
  • Year 2003, cooperated with European main chain stores to export furniture.
  • Year 2004, cooperated with American WALMARK to export household items.
  • Year 2005, cooperate with American brand AICO to export furniture.
  • Year 2007, firstly completed Australian villa construction, contract amount to $500 thousand USD.
  • Year 2008, undertook constructions such as Egypt hotel, Russian villa, Kuwait villa etc. annual sales amount to 15 million USD.
  • Year 2009, undertook Russian Siberia 5 star hotel and Angola 4 star hotel, contract amount to 12 million USD.
  • Year 2010, undertook Armenia 5 star hotel, contract amount to 18 million USD.
  • Year 2011, undertook Iran super market and deluxe lodging house, contract amount to 22 million USD.
  • Year 2012, undertook Sudan hotel, Tanzania minister villa, Tanzania comprehensive centre, Togo embassy apartment, contract amount to 25 million USD proximately.
  • Year 2013, we are going to undertake TALKTEL company eastern Africa large item, contract amount to over 35 million USD.

3. Developing program of company

  • From 2012 to 2017, have our own office building, become a group company.
  • From 2017 to 2022, have branch oversea, become a real global company.
  • From 2022 to 2030, become international deluxe brand, set criterion of luxury life.