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1. Designing your house or projects

Our design engineers cater to the creative and budgetary needs of our clients, using state of the art technology and proven methodologies.We have the capability of presenting multiple layouts that can meet the visual and functional demands of any commercial facility. Our expert engineers and construction teams have a great deal of experience and understand the technology and materials that will best suit any budgetary, functional, or aesthetic requirement.We understand our clients' needs change, and will work closely to ensure that our projects evolve in a way that meets those changing requirements.


2. Offering material for your house or projects

For more specialized requests, we have developed a strong engineering group to facilitate even the most exacting communications, networking, power, and security needs.Additionally, our relationships with local furniture manufacturers can ensure that all of our client needs can be met.


3. Finding material for your house or projects

If you want to save the cost for the house or projects, pls buy material from china. We understand china materla or supplier very well. We can be your agent to find all the material you needed from china and ship them for you.


4. Building your house or projects

We can offer all material for your house or projects, also we can help you to building and furnishing them as well.



5. Buying the house or projects from china

China is a great country and the society is peace where is very good for live and business. Also in china there are many bautiful city and there are many good villas, apartments and buliding. We can help you to find the best one in order for you to invest or live.


6. Selling your house or projects to china

China is a big market and we have a good business network in business all over china , if you want to sell your house or project to china, we can help you to get the investment from china and sell to all the big city in china as much as you wanted .