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Avangard construction & decoration co. specializes in interior design for commercial properties, including interior IT infrastructure. Using premier engineering and IT design techniques with experts, we develop customized cross-functional teams for each design project.These teams employ IT experts, construction teams, and interior design engineers to develop unique and innovative solutions that are both functionally and aesthetically inspired.In recent years, our firm has successfully completed numerous design projects for multinational corporations, stock exchanges, and manufacturing facilities.As a result of our long track record of success, we have a long list of referenceable clients

Our design engineers cater to the creative and budgetary needs of our clients, using state of the art technology and proven methodologies.We have the capability of presenting multiple layouts that can meet the visual and functional demands of any commercial facility.Our expert engineers and construction teams have a great deal of experience and understand the technology and materials that will best suit any budgetary, functional, or aesthetic requirement.We understand our clientsĄŻ needs change, and will work closely to ensure that our projects evolve in a way that meets those changing requirements.

We stand by the quality of our craftsmanship and design, as well as the professionalism and experience of our project managers. We strive for continuous improvement, and eagerly incorporate client feedback into our project teams.Each project team is led by an experienced Project manager, to oversee site operations.Senior design engineers work closely with the project manager during the planning phases and even more closely with the site construction teams to ensure that design specifications are met in the final construction.As a further statement to our confidence in our work, we extend to our clients a one-year warranty on all of our services, to guarantee client satisfaction.

Attributable to our strong track record in the last several years, we have developed a strong reputation locally for our operational efficiency and on-time delivery.We have cultured a strong relationship with the local government for zoning supervision and approval.Additionally, we have strong relationships with government inspection agencies to ensure the highest quality, safety, fire prevention, and telecommunications standards. These relationships ensure that our deadlines are met on time, and clients can occupy their facilities in accordance with their business plans.
We have fostered strong relationships with local reality groups to better serve clients regardless of their industry or specific need

For more specialized requests, we have developed a strong engineering group to facilitate even the most exacting communications, networking, power, and security needs.Additionally, our relationships with local furniture manufacturers can ensure that all of our client needs can be met.

From a service perspective, we have established a complete and computerized system to supplement our service organization.It is our hope that this responsive system can increase customer feedback without burdening our clients with rules and regulations.